Hosting a USHJA Foundation Event or Activity

Thank you for your interest in hosting a USHJA Foundation event or activity! There are a number of ways you can support the Foundation and be recognized as a charity horse show. To showcase the passion and involvement of competitions across the country, the Foundation offers its USHJA Foundation Charity Horse Show designation.

Competitions that offer any of the following types of activities may be designated a USHJA Foundation Charity Horse Show.

› USHJA Foundation Freebies
The USHJA Foundation offers small USHJA Foundation-branded prizes, such has horse treats with USHJA Foundation information attached, for horse shows to use as prizes in whichever divisions they would like.

› USHJA Foundation Awareness Day
Management allows riders to ride with USHJAF-branded clothes during a selected and promoted day to increase awareness of the USHJAF.

› Entry Form Check Box
Management adds an entry form check box for competitors to make an additional donation to the USHJA Foundation.

› USHJA Charity Class or Schooling
Management offers any class (could be warm-up or another class) or ticketed schooling where all or a portion of the proceeds go toward the Foundation.

› Hunter High Score Challenge or Jumper Clear Round Challenge
Managers can engage spectators around a major hunter or jumper class in giving back to the hunter/jumper community. The Hunter High Score Challenge is executed in conjunction with any hunter class or classes with numeric scores - one or both rounds. This activity is based on securing pledges for scores over a specific amount (for example, 85 in a typical class or classic round or 90 with high-options in a derby). The Jumper Clear Round Challenge is executed in conjunction with a major jumper class (grand prix, gambler's choice, etc.), and participants pledge a certain amount for every clear round.

› USHJA Foundation Gala
Managers are invited to apply to the USHJA Foundation to have a gala run in conjunction with a major evening class or special competition. The Foundation, in partnership with competition management, will host a special dining experience for spectators. All or a portion of the net proceeds from the event will be distributed to the Foundation.

› USHJA Foundation Silent Auction
Managers are invited to apply to host a silent auction benefitting the Foundation. All of the proceeds would go back to the Foundation, and the Foundation would help facilitate procuring items for the silent auction.

For more information or to offer one of these activities at an upcoming competition, email us at


The United States Hunter Jumper Association Foundation is a non-profit 501(C) 3 organization.
To make your tax deductible donation or for questions
please contact Kate Cattani at (732) 979-7262